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4 Continents · Over 2,150 Volunteers Globally · Millions Of Lives Saved
The Global Leader In Clinical Skills Rapid Transfer To Emerging Nations
  • "Global Medic Force
    does not believe in the
    "Republic of NGO’’;
    our ultimate aim is to put
    ourselves out of business’’

  • "Global Medic Force
    is leading the way in
    freeing the developing world
    from its perpetual
    dependence on one
    way Western charity’’

  • "Global Medic Force is
    value transferring $8 billion
    annually in medical human capital
    directly to healthcare workers
    throughout the developing world
    across 4 continents’’

  • "Creating an immediate,
    permanent and self sustaining increase
    in the quality of healthcare
    throughout the developing world
    by teaching healthcare workers
    to treat their own people
    from their own resources"

  • "Global Medic Force
    continues to set the
    international standard by
    which all others in the
    healthcare space are judged"

  • "As the industry leader
    Global Medic Force
    has led the field in
    clinical skills rapid transfer
    to emerging nations throughout
    the world for over 15 years’’

  • "Over 2,150 specially
    selected and highly trained
    Western volunteer medical experts’’

  • "Transferring over 30,000 years
    of the highest quality medical
    expertise directly to healthcare
    workers throughout the
    developing world’’

  • "Join us
    at Global Medic Force
    on the front line of life’’

  • "As an organisation
    Global Medic Force
    flies under the radar,
    but our results do not’’

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*As an integral part of the global GMF group, GMF Europe is a Registered Charity regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales under the Government of the United Kingdom revised charities legislation (1) Charities Act of 2011, Chapter 25 and (2) Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016. In keeping with registered charities best practices, since 2011 GMF Europe does not solicit or accept donations directly from members of the public nor does it maintain or report annual financial balances thereof, either directly or on behalf of any of GMF Europe’s international operational directorates.
US Registered 501(C) 3 Not For Profit Corporation (2001)
UK Registered Charity (2006)
Registered Social Enterprise (2011)
GMF Council (2015)
Global Foundation (2016)